Saturday, October 15, 2011

Latte, Espresso, Cappuccino and Filter Kaapi

It was a HUGGE surprise when our company decided to replace its old powder based coffee and hot (milk based) bevarages vending machine with  "branded" Cafe Coffee Day machines. The highlight? Freshly ground coffee bean based Latte, Espresso and Cappuccino and fresh milk to go with it!!

All of a sudden the exciting aroma of ground coffee is permeating our module. Paper cups got replaced with Stylish Mugs. The coffee break timings are reprogrammed as "As we come into office", "one hour before lunch", "one hour after lunch", "snack time coffe" and "just as we leave".

Each break has us flaunting a cappuccino or a latte or an espresso. Adventurous few did try mixing coffee and tea!! Well you can't blame them right? If we mix coffee and chocolate and call it as Chococcino or Mocha, guess CofTea is acceptable too!

This has been in practice for a good month and a half now. This is when the flavor gets used to and you are tired of telling your friends that "Oh I just had my double espresso coz its a night out today". Today, I honestly needed that shot and that is when I realized something:

Latte : This is nothing but Milk coffee, typically given to 5-6 years old in Tambram household
Cappuccino: A slightly stronger coffe where the Coffee "Dicoction" goes in first and milk is added next. Given till we reach college.
Espresso: Lol this is the best. Known as "Kattan Kaapi" in Downsouth TN and Kerala, a "Dicoction only" kaapi which is taken by people who cannot afford milk!!

Just not able to stop smiling at my cup of Double espresso + Milk .. ohh sorry.. my Double strong Filter Kaapi.

I'm loving it!