Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Divide & Rule

England!!! Here we come!!
Not long ago, The British East India Company followed a rule. A rule that killed the essence of our Country. Today, our new age politicians have embraced their British counterparts' thought process.

Divide & Rule.

Telengana's creation is now just a Parliament Session away. With haste, the central government and their allies in business have voted for creation of India's 29th State with much fanfare. I wonder what Shri Vallabhai Patel must have felt were he alive today. The so called Iron Man of India ensured that the warring factions were united and a mess that our Princely states were, were united and become one.

The current day politicians, with no regard to the hardwork done by our great leaders, have started the reverse process already. Under the garb of ease of governance, the government has opened a Pandora's box that is bound to have abysmal effect. All this will enable is more looting of our Natural resources and a pacification of the egos of a powerful few.

Already the country is gearing up for protests to form 9 more states.. including Mayawati Quad-furcation of Uttar pradesh, Bodoland, vidharba, saurashtra, gorkhaland, kongunadu et al.

If this goes on, wonder what we will call our nation? United States of India?? Ah.. that should sound appetizing to the politicians as they rush to the USofA for anything and everything. Maybe, they are looking to beat US of A for the number of states.

God Save Us!

United States of India, anybody?