Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tryst with Destiny II

Freedom at Midnight agian... but how many more to follow?

India and its tryst with midnight destiny continues 62 years since our Independence. The midnight celebrations in the regions set to form the new Telangana State, being carved out of Andhra Pradesh were the most disheartening scenes ever. How can people of the country be happy and, worse, celebrate, when we are bifurcating our own country on the basis of neglecting a region????

A single person's agitation, compared to Gandhiji's fasting, has led to the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh, which itself is no stranger to such preposterous history. What you sow is what you reap. Andhra Pradesh itself was carved out of Madras state when a politician went on a fatal hunger strike in 1956. But when the whole world is having graver issues like fighting terrorism and saving earth from impact of climatic changes, how can we be so primitive in our thoughts??

Where did the momentum gain for this statehood after so many years? A single man's waning political image and the greed to be on top of people's mind is all that I can think of. An entire state has been brought to standstill and going by the last assembly election results, a separate state is the last thing in mind of the people in the region.

And kudos to the Congress government at the center, what a vision they have!!!! At this rate, India will soon need to be called The United States of India. Now how are they going to address the needs of Gorkhas, Nagas, Ulfas etc? Give them a state and let the future generation battle it out?

We all can see the results of having carved out Chattisgarh, Jharkandh and Uttaranchal. What little development could have happened in these regions have vanished and instead stands a billion dollar business empire of the likes of Madhu Koda. The politicians cannot be blamed in this entire episode. We, the people are to be blamed. If we can be held to emotional ransom by such nitwits and imbeciles then what right do we have to call them names?

If we cannot express our solidarity in choosing a strong candidate, we have no rights whatsoever to answer Barkha Dutt as she barks her views across India on prime time TV. Soon we will have debates and SMS polls and TRPs on which channel broke the news first.. but for the Mango people... oh sorry Aam Aadmi, its just another tamasha until election comes next time.

Tata tea couldn’t have come out with a better ad campaign. Jaago Re!!

I seriously believe all of us are in a deep state of slumber. Come on India... can’t you see that it’s our country that is being done to death by these plunderers?? Can we do anything to stop this from happening??

Yes we can!!

Write to the President
Write to the Prime Minister.. mail the UPA Chairperson.. Ask them not to commit a major treason!!!
And please somebody talk sense to the person who wants the state cut out!

If nothing works, let’s file a Public Interest Litigation in Supreme Court asking for a stay order before they table the Telangana State formation bill.

We have to brand these self-styled pricks as traitors of the country and banish them once and for all from our Motherland.
Wish we had a mass movement to awake the senses of this generation!!

Democracy has gone to the dogs!!

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