Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bombay Rains Bombay Girls

If we are set our eyes upon a book so titled, I guess we'll walk over to at least see what it has to offer.I did the same with a mischevious smile on my face when I picked this one in Chennai. Sometimes intution pays and I would have only regretted if I hadn't purchased this book.

My dad admonishes me for the amount I spent on books. But I guess he'll be happy to know that reading this wonderful debut novel by Dr.Anirban Bose has re-ignited my passion to write again. In simple words: Its a Stupendous read. One striking aspect of this book, when compared to the books in this genre, is the fact that Anirban has been able to sell a book with out the most important S : "SEX"

Its a purist's delight and the language is amazingly virgin!! As I can't boast much of my vocabulary, this book really made me search for the dictionary!!!

The plot is set in 1990,location being JJ Medical College, Mumbai when a lad from Ranchi comes into study Medicine. Having nursed a secret ambition of becoming a Cardiac surgeon and abandoning the thought as I couldn't stand the sight of blood, I got an amazing view of the way a medical college functions. Its more of a tale about a self-righteous protagonist: Adithyaman Bhatt aka Adi :D yeah.. ADI.. this names does bring back a lot of my own college memories.. My dearest friend used to call me Adi ... and still does.. (this, we'll reserve for later ;) )The book is about Adi's life in college how he manages to grow into a person with great confidence over a period of time and his trials and travails during this period.. Ultimately, Adi wins over his friends and finds the love of his life. I am not going to delve deeper into the characters or the plot.. read
it and enjoy it. Dont get the pirated version though.. I'll circulate my copy :) BRBG steers clear from the normal pitfalls of booze and sex. This is what our film critics would call as "family entertainment". Rightly so. Friendship and love seems to be the major theme of this book.

Although long, once you pick up this book, its a breeze finishing it off. Fittingly, I read this book in 4 train trips from home to work, forcing myself to take the slow train in the evening in order to give me that extra 30 minutes of reading pleasure.

The book, at times, looks raw because of the way the chapters are structured... like.. what happens to Baba? Two-Three years in college, Adi hasnt heard or spoken to him..and Renuka?? What of her? Did Pheru clears is Pharmac?? And What happens to the Assam Home Minister?.. some loose ends could have been tied up. Nevertheless, the book will leave a smile on your face.

I have to mention about the author here. Dr.Anirban Bose(Consultant Nephrologist with a Kolkatta hosp???). He prefers to be called Anirban. How do I know? I mailed him and he replied me!!! Yeah.. I told him about how I picked this book and how I am ploughing through the pages like a mad man. He found it interesting and was happy to get a reply from one of his readers.

And the best part?? The book is being made into a movie!!!

Er.. this is my first review of a book.. so if it looks disconnected, please forgive me. Go get this book and read it guys.. you'll feel happy and feel a warmth covering your chest as you rapidly read through the pages.

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berty said...

circulate the copy here to chennai! and well does Adi remain virgin eh? hmm must be the name..maybe he should have tried combined study... too bad i dint do medicine.. some of my best friends are doctors and i am sure if i had been with them i would have become one too!