Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Arun"Dirty" Roy

Hello Everyone!

I had wanted to write on a lot of things in the past few months, but couldnt gather my thoughts. But, one disturbing aspect that took place in Delhi made me write again. No, not the Common Wrath, ooops, sorry, common wealth games. Its more like the Satyam fraud. Every one knows its a scam but not guilty until proven so...leave that.

Arundhati Roy. She pops up here and there where there is a way to reach media nirvana. Guess she is helped by her cousin, the mighty Prannoy Roy of NDTV. I am sure we all have the freedom to express our views. But she has taken it for granted. It doesn't mean that having a won a Booker Prize you can thrust all your thoughts on an unassuming audience. Here she is voicing her support for a seperate Kashmir and declaring that it was never an integral part of India.

Congress is unpertrubed by this comment and still is mulling over giving a go ahead for her arrest. I would be really surprised if the press community raises their voice if she is arrested. This is tantamount to betraying India and she has to be branded a traitor.
Yes Kashmir is a huge problem with no resolution in sight. That doesn't mean that Kashmir can be given on a platter to any other country. Will this mean that if Darjeeling starts to pelt stones, she will go there and say Darjeeling was never an integral part of India? Is it not enough that China maps Arunachal Pradesh to their territory and Pakistan occupies a part of Kashimr? Do we need Indians to go ahead and say these inappropriate things?

This should be strongly condemned and she should be arrested and all her basic rights revoked unless she publicy apologizes to Indian citizens. Oh no!! Lets not do that.. then she will be hailed as the Suu Kyi of India. Guess the best thing to do is totally ignore her and make sure that she is never covered on primetime news. (Even thats highly unlikely with Prannoy Roy around)

Arundhati has dirtied herself. She is neither a novelist nor a Social servant.. she should have been confined to what she was doing earlier: Teaching Aerobics in Delhi's 5 start hotels.

Shame on you Arundhati!

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