Saturday, July 23, 2011

Thank God, Its not Sashi Tharoor!

Oslo has been targetted by "home-grown" terrorist. Why is it that none of the nations are able to foil such dasterdly acts? I happened to see the photo gallery of the blast and shoot out victims on The Hindu a moment ago, and call it coincidence, I was listening to the "Bombay Theme" by AR Rahman. Unknown to me, I felt anger, helplessness, frustration and pity looking into the pictures. The grim reality was only hightened by the haunting tunes. What bloodshed!

Amidts all the reports, there was one customary note from the Chief of UN, Mr.Ban Ki Moon, deeply condemning the cowardly act. What bullshit! Buck up Mr.BanK-i-Moon.. your organization has become the most unbankable one. What is the point in having an organization that talks so much, has conferences all round the year with zero results?

It really brings us back to the funadmental question : Is the UN really relevent in current times? All they do is make a hue and cry when any disaster, be it Man made or natural, strikes and then go back into their air conditioned offices and conduct meeting. In a way, its like one of our IT companies, albeit a non functional one. Our IT Companies talk about being Proactive rather than reactive. Its another irony that there is no word called proactive. Its either act or react, isn't it? 

Crime in any form is deplorable. But when a global watch dog becomes a mute spectator and just reacts to all these acts, its just unacceptable. And thats why I said, thank God its not Sashi Tharoor at its helm. At least we are saved from knowing the UN's reaction through his tweets!!That would have been a total disaster!!

Last week Mumbai, this week Oslo and Kabul keeps erupting everyday. So,all you conspiracy theorists, out with your claim of Armageddon. For once, you could be true and it would be a pity as it looks like none would survive to record your achievement.

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