Friday, November 18, 2011

Go Occupy

Occupy your mind that is. Austerity measures is the new karma for Governments all over the world.(You know what Karma is.)Greece and Italy have new goverments. Euro is on a shaky ground. Crude is on a high and the stock exchanges are melting.Above all, the US is seeing an unprecedented movement. The Occupy movement. US folks are asking the Wall street to cut down their golden parchutes and handshakes for the sake of bringing the cost down.

As usual the greatest, top most selling writer of our times, Ms. Arundhati Roy has spoken supporting the movement.Imagine, Ms.Roy delivering such a lecture when our Indian economy is booming, well for the wrong reasons. Inflation is on the stairway to heaven while the dollar is appreciating against the rupee to the great happiness of all my onsite friends :) Unfortunately, it does have a dark side to it. The government is Stuck in a moment it cannot get out of. But, the show must go on. The only way to over come this is to be Comfortably numb.

A Momentary lapse of reason from the Goverment has sent the inflation sky high, adding Another brick in the wall to the common man's life. The delicate sound of thunder is Echoeing on The Wall as the Division bell of the classes is clearly sounded. While we suffer silently, all those Smooth Criminals are attaining Nirvana. Its true that They dont really care for us.But remember, We are the champions and we will rock you pretty soon! Try as you might to Beat it down, The Moment is not far away.

Get over it you biggies, these are Money for Nothing. The change is now Blowing in the Wind.Its a Brave new World out there as We are the Brothers in Arms who have no Fear of the dark. The Final Count down has begun to Run Free on the Open Road, to Change the World.

This is it!Lets come together to stop them from taking the Highway to Hell, after all its a One World!

{Just for fun :) :) :)}

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Anirudh said...

really good base :) can see the seed of rock has grown well and roots firmly set to the ground inside you :)