Thursday, May 24, 2012

Petrol Petrol Everywhere

Mayawati has been trumped, Mumbai Indians have been thumped but what takes the cake is the sucker punch delivered with brutality on us.A hike of close to Rs.8 after adding the taxes, octri etc on petrol is the final blow. Not a big believer in the Jasmine revolution, now I think that is the only way to fight the most corrupted government that has ever ruled India.

Every city in the country now needs a Tahrir Square. The land of milk and honey has been done and dusted, it is just a land of scams and scamsters now. Bloody hell the audacity of this dimwit, nimcompoop government!! Presenting the already overloaded people with a price rise on the 3rd anniversary of its second term. I was among the lot who rejoiced when UPA came back to power. The promise was huge but the stats just prove that every single act the government has passed has come a cropper not to add the CWG, Coal, and the mother of all scams - 2G has all come under this rule.

Enough of the debates on News channels. Looks more like a choroegraphed WWE matches.I think for the first time the Hartal in my hometown is justified and God willing I will support it to the fullest.

Out with your pens brothers. Change is the need of the hour. ROLL BACK THE PETROL PRICE. STRIP THE MPs and PMs off their Salary.CONFISCATE THE BLACK MONEY ABROAD. MMS sir.. this is when we need you. Break your shackles for once please!! I still hold you and the team that framed the liberalization policy responsible for kindling the greed among the political class. Pls do something!!

An anguished, disheartened and a totally helpless Indian.

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