Saturday, December 6, 2008

Of Biriyanis,Raita and Drinks

Fridays nights are always a reason to celebrate. A welcome break from a hard week at work, Fijnbosch,Johannesburg comes alive with activities. A huge dinner normally for 8-9 people is made. Oh how can one forget the bevy of drinks being brought exclusively for the week end bash? Heineken,Castle Lager, Black Label, Breezer and Smirnoff Spin normally make up the list. Of course there is always a collection of Wine or Champagne too. Now comes the hard part, being a kinda of teetotaler,ahem,its tough and the worst part is to make the side dishes for the party. Normally we do get some chips and stuff but they arent spicy enough for us :) so we get to start off the cooking with mushroom curry dry or spicy potato mash.
Once that is done, we settle down on the patio. There is a table and 4 chairs and of course we pull in a couple of chairs more from the dining table and settle down for the drink of each person's choice.
Mine is a standard bottle of cocacola coke or an occasional Smirnoff Spin :) while we are at it, some of them get down to the task of cutting the vegetables and cooking rice. By the time this is done, a round or two of drinks are downed and we become ravenously hungry! And enter the chef, who incidently is me to cook :) This particular day, we made Vegetable Biriyani and Cucumber/Onion/Yoghurt Raita. I should say, the drink had may be mellowed their taste buds or I put in a lot of spice ... the biriyani was so damn spicy!!! It should be the masala. Or could also be the Mexican Green Chillies that I cut and added to the rice.
After a round of huffing and puffing at our respective plates, we settled down to watch a great movie, Rock On!!!
Life is Beautiful.

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