Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Year Flies By

Mumbai has been tolerant with me for the past one year. Yeah! Today, I complete one year in my team and day more in Mumbai.Been a roller-coaster ride. From being jittery about being handed the pinkslip, getting married later in the year and now trying to move out of this place once again, it has been one helluva fast ride!

I haven't seen a lot of places in Mumbai yet. Hopefully, I'll do it this weekend. And to be honest, I've started loving the city. Seriously, you just can't help falling in love with this city. I have never been bored in this one year when travelling to work. Everyday, though we take the same rail route, it has been an engaging experience.From the odd banker who sings songs off tune, to the person who makes a tobacco ball in his palm, its never been dull.ET,HT,DNA,TOI etc.. all these papers pop up here and there in the train and you'd know wats happening around you.

The vociferous bhajans emanating out of the train adds to the background music. Many a times, I have remained silent, hanging out from the "door" as the entrance to the compartment is called, and soak in all these happenings.

No movie maker can ever capture the essence of Mumbai and its trains. The cacophony is so amazing that I have felt it odd when coming down to town on a sunday,with none of these available. Yes, it is tedious to travel in Mumbai,still, there is some magic in the city that keeps you hooked on.

Far from a paradise, its more like an asylum where people from all walks of life come to earn a living.I have had my share of fun being in such a happening place and I'll be sad to leave all this clutter and go back to an organized life in Chennai.

Mumbai is like the best wine in the world. It grows on you and you start appreciating it with time.

Though Bombay is cool, I'd stick with Amchi Mumbai for now!
Lets see how long the city plans to tolerate me ;)


aditi.rg said...

Nicely written.. U only realize how badly the city has got inside u once ur away from it!!

Basement said...

@Aditi:Thanks re :)I'am kinda developing cold feet when I think that I am gonna leave Mumbai in sometime...lets see what's in store!