Thursday, February 25, 2010

This God is Crazy!!!!

Slam! Punch! Crack! Thump! Sock! Heave! Slash! Whip!

No. Not any scene from a Hollywood action thriller. These were what Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar did to South African bowlers in Gwalior yesterday. What an innings!! The first ever double ton in ODIs! Words fail me to describe this audacious attack on the hapless South African bowlers. Awesome!! Ecstasy! Reminded me of the competition between India and Australia in Sharjah with Damien Fleming and Michael Kasprowicz at the receiving end.

Sachin was a man possesed last evening as he unleased this furious attack.I had expected Sehwag to breach this record and when it came from Sachin,well thats simply amazing.Who cares if he plays for the recordS?All great people are remembered because of their individual records/greatness.21 entertaining years of cricket and still he is blazing away to glory.A thought for the bowlers.. I am sure they'd feeling totally violated by this little man into his late thirties.

I wonder what more is the government waiting for to honour him with Bharath Ratna. A century of centuries?? That will happen too. But for Sachin, nothing will matter more than bringing the World Cup back to India. I pray he does it in 2011!

No wonder people say,"Great things come in small packages."

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