Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Hi there. Been very long since I blogged.I was held up in a lot of things.One of the things that was holding me up was this deputation to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. My wife and me landed here on 01-May-2010.We are put up at Al-Fahd which is kind of a serviced appartment. I am working for the Saudi Telecom Company project.

Have to tell you that the city is pretty well developed. Malls and flyovers dot the landscape. Or should I say Sandscape??.I have a feeling of homecoming because every other person is a malayalee and they are proving to be of great help!!

Harini has to wear the burqa whenever she comes out of the house, and has to be accompanied by me all the time she is out.She is just getting used to it by the way. To me, it sure is different.Its a welcome change to see my wife open the door after a day's work!Home made food is great!! I hope I dont pile up more kilos!!

Had to tell you this thing. Imagine. you are in the desert kingdom, which is primarily arid.We dont expect it to rain that much right? I too didn't expect. But I was prove wrong and how!! This monday, (03-May-2010), Riyadh saw one of the worst downpours accompanied with hurricane like winds and hailstorm, enough to throw the entire city off track!! The major roads were closed and water everywhere!!

This is the kind of roads we crossed yesterday evening to reach home.It was a nightmare.Hope the situation doesn't reoccur! Now, coming to food... Devil and Bert.. .man, you guys will love the spread here.Its inexpensive, tasty and immensly filling.Heard from teammies here that the non veg here is amazing.. and bert, I will try to fulfill ur wish by bringing home camel meat!!!

Office is huge and work... am just getting started. Will keep updating the blog as and when possible! Ciao.

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