Saturday, May 2, 2009

Being a Mumbaikar

Baap re.. what a first month in mumbai. I had the cover of my Uncle's house in chembur for the whole of first month after landing in Mumbai. Thanks to the extended baggage allowance, I brought in most of my stuff from Chennai. Totally I think its around 45kg plus my bulk :D :D :D. Now being in a new city can be unnerving add to the fact that I was about to join a team totally into different work from what I am used to so far. And more importantly the perennial hanging sword of a bad rating resulting in job loss. Thats how I was the first month. March was the worst of all three appraisals I have seen. God bless, the end result was a not worse as over-expected. This is one thing we have to live with I guess. Damn the falling economy.
Ah! the train travel... how can one miss out information on this??? Its been a pretty good experience being in Mumbai and travelling by the local trains. I travelled by the Harbour line route, which is supposed to be one of the less crowded ones. Little did I know that travelling in II class is something really tough. Nevertheless, after a week long observation, I formulated a theory that stands good so. Approach the entrance of the compartment which makes the last
seat of the bogie. Here, you are sure to find a seat or you will have enough place to park yourself. It stems from my belief that people make a dash for the plenty. I target the last part, where at the max you can seat 17 people, while the remaining part of the compartment can seat 8*16 seats. May be people believe that more the number of seats higher the probability of getting seated. Well I just chose the opposite. So far I have never missed my seat in the Train.

Well now that the methodolgy to board the train has been established, we will see about the experiences in the next one. Au Revoir.


berty said...

I am just a new boy
A stranger in this town
Where are all the good times
Who's gonna show this stranger around?
Ooooooooh I need a dirty woman
Ooooooooh I need a dirty girl
Will some woman in this desert land
Make me feel like a real man
Take this rock and roll refugee
Oooh Babe set me free

prize for the one who can identify the song first!! (not for devil... he sings this song all the time)

devil said...

yeah i saw sang in whn i went to blore 4 yrs back. and blore was a more apt place to sing it. but hey... even bombay is...!