Monday, May 25, 2009

Mint n Ice

Mint&Ice Bar&Kitchen
We had been invited to attend the annual party of one of our service providers last friday.Being friday, we decided to let our hair down.. we made a dash for it from office, late in the evening. The party had begun at 8 and we reached there at close to 9:30 PM.. I think it was the perfect
timing. Now, remember, this is the first time I am going to such a party/place.The firt thing that stuck me odd was the blue ink rubber stamp on your hand to authorise your entry in to the bar. This kinda reminded me of the corporation seal thats punched on to the carcass of Mutton er.. goat and beef and left on the hooks in madurai's innumerable meat havens. May be a decent hand bands on the lines of Friendship bands would have been better.
None of my team mates and our sole team lead seemed perturbed by this and we moved on to the dance floor. Now its a big mistake to have selected this particular day as it turned out to be the first semi final of IPL II. Gilly was tearing the opposition apart on a large screen with in the dance hall.. and man.. the DJ sucked big time in the beginning.. he never made eye contact with the crowd and seemed to be engrossed in his own world of music.. sigh.. expected more from him.
After the customary introductions with the top honchos of the firm we moved on to the bar tables.. we could choose from Bacardi White Rum, Signature, Red Wine, Smirnoff. I had Smirnoff.. and would vouch for Absolut anyday.. and then the pary began... people started pouring in and I stood there taking in every single moment.. it seemed like the song sequence from Aayudha Eyuthu.,. albeit with out trisha.. one female did resemble her.. but as is the case, she was led by the guys on to the bar counter.. she started off with Bacardi White Rum.. that much am sure :)
Yeah.. so the party started we to got started.. plates and plates of veg crispies,paneer teeka masala dry and other nondescript non veg starters kept doing the rounds.. and I had emptied my vodka.. Now the biggest mistake I did was to ditch the glass.. I learnt it the hard way as our guest kept handing me my glass of vodka.... and my friends had already downed two signatures and another had had a couple of vodka shots by then.. ( I corrected my mistake late in
the night though) Yeah.. so a heady mix of vodka, lighting and dance with cricket in the back ground was wat was there to see.. I think pinkfloyd for a change would have been absolutely great.. guess that me bert and abhi would have to work it out some other day. For once, I was into the glam life of mumbaikars.. or maybe its there in chennai as well.. havent been there.. but somewhere in my head the devil said.. "Go damn it.. break free and freak out u idiot" while the more saner person inside me said.."Dude.. u look a total mismatch in this place.. u have ur cricket in the back ground and there are comfortable lounges too.. u decide" For once I listened to the saner guy and I should say I am thankful :D Di would be happy abt it that i didnt call her up and bother with this decision ;) Coming back.. I reclined on one of the couches.. far from the madding crowd.. but cant hide my frame even in that darkness.. my host dished me out and seeing that I didnt have a glass, insisted on another glass of vodka which I took and disposed off as soon as he was out of sight :D :D :D and the party went on..
Slowly the DJ sensed that people were getting a little let down with the music and started playing the remixed hindi disco sogns.. Mitun Da's I am disco dancer for one was a sure shot success with the crowd.. most of it were desi numbers in the end... me and the team lead had our plates filled with food and selected a place to sit down and have food.. now this is when I had a weird feeling that I was one of those filmy villans, close to the climax of the film when his den is filled with girls,dance, music, dark lighting and booze over flowing.. only thing missing from my costume was a revolver .. i could have fired in the air to appreciate the environment.. coming back.. food was good.. as always. and it was close to 12 when we finished our dinner.. TL and another associate left after that and me and two others stayed till the end of party.. close to 1:00.. caught an auto after that and reached home close to 1:30 i guess..
in all it was a mixed bag for me.. sure I appreciate the dancing.. may be in a much more sober environment :) Party is not the place for me.


devil said...

well well well... a hardcore veggie makes references to seal on goat n cows ??? thts... um.. illuminating

subi said...

adda paavi!!!!neva tld me abt dis!bad boy!!!!*subi's angry*