Saturday, May 2, 2009

Life in a Metro - Amchi Mumbai

Yes. Am back after a long gap. Bert tells me that as blogger I am supposed to be blogging every single day. Now, being in Mumbai, I think I should seriously think of doing that. After all, Big B, Aamir Khan and all those celebrities who blog do belong to Mumbai. Well, far fetched explaination. You see, am all rusty being out of action for the past couple of months. Ahem.. So here we go.
Friends close to me know that I have shifted to mumbai to pursue a passion I have. After 3 years in my company, at last I feel that I have got the exact work I was looking for. Marketing Research. Thats what I do now. Working out of a posh South Mumbai Office just adds to the zing. I am yet to come to terms with what Mumbai is all about... a sea of people. Every nook and corner, every possible way of urban transport is utilized to reach the work place. Well I have
visited Mumbai at least 4 times ever since joining my company, but never to work here. Now, Here I am, This is me.. there's no where else on earth I'd rather be.. here I am .. just me and friends.. (altered the lyrics :D). Of Late, I believe I have started to crib a lot. But honestly speaking, I should really thank my stars. I have been able to follow my dreams and I know that I had given up an Onsite opportunity to New Jersy around this time last year just to be
a part of the Marketing team. A year and an onsite later, I have come here. When you really want something with all your heart, the entire universe conspires to give you that. I would say yes.
Deep inside, I know that I have been able to steer my way the way I wanted. I can only hope that this dream stays for a while. I need to be more focussed and cannot allow the eternal libran in me to overtake my sense of balance. Now that I have confessed lets get back to what we really like to do.
I am still planning on how to present my experiences in Mumbai... may be I will have to restructure the posts later.

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