Wednesday, June 10, 2009

7 Up!!!

Yeah!! 7 up! Fido dido is as past as a dodo. Its 7 up in a special way for us. :) Us? Thats me and Harini. On June 4th, 2002, we felt that it be perfect for us to be together for the rest of our life. And 7 years later, we will be entering wedlock, with the consent of our parents and family elders.

Thanks to all my friends, my sis Swapna and my close relatives for making this happen.
Dad&Mom, what can I say? You are simply the best!


berty said...

i took that pic!! :)

cho chweet ya... what a romance..

hey about your friends who.. eh.. ahem.. helped..i mean supported.. eh moral.. ok fine.. knew about this?

devil said...

another one bites the dust.

subi said...

dats all i can say!:)

LAN said...

7 up is a nice title!! :) :) congrats!!