Friday, June 26, 2009


Very few of us have the distinction of being able to Moonwalk on Earth. If there was one person who did it with elan, it was Michael Jackson. The legendary pop sensation, the king of dance and the ultimate entertainer is no more. The world is sad and music lovers are shattered. The iconic man might have been a mix of class and crass.. but his legacy lives on. I have benefitted immensely from his videos. Nihal and I, my schoolmate, have seen most of his dance videos at an age when we hardly knew english. We were so proud to be able to do the moonwalk on numerous festivals. MJ's used to be the opening song for all our dance performances.

The scandals and allegations not withstanding, MJ has been on top. We dont really care about them, Mikey!!! Who is not at fault, eh?
May you now entertain the heaven with your dance!

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