Monday, June 22, 2009

Night Flight of Icarus

Spice Jet from Mumbai to Chennai on 16th June. Was on a literal countdown for it. Hastened to the airport and finally boarded the fligh delayed by a good half an hour. The take off was uneventful but we did pass through "turbulent weather" as the captain's voice echoed inside the cabin. Cluster of lightening going off every where near us was a such a delight to watch. Nevertheless, the Air France tragedy flashed through our minds.

As the sun sets over the horizon
A young guy stands on the deck
As the ground cools to the lovely night
A lightning shatters the still

His eyes are ablaze
See the child in his gaze

Fly on your way like an eagle
Fly as high as the sky
On your wings like an eagle
Fly and touch the light(ening)

Now the crew panic and pray for all
Eyes meet to tell the news
All's well when it passes through
As the news of Airfrance flashes through

My eyes seemed so tensed
As we fly over the light
Now I know wat it would have been
For all those on that AF flight

Felt good back on ground
That seldom shakes beneath
Scary flight behind us
time to catch up with love and friends.

Flew down to mother earth
Happier than never before.

Was an awesome flight... seeing lightening from above it was spellbinding! Unfortunately I couldnt retrieve my camera for pics. But it will remain etched forever in my memory.


berty said...

... seen flight 666?

berty said...

wow well done buddy...and now we have to get Bruce to sing it!

aditi.rg said...

Wow..very well framed!!...even I have been on shaky flights nd have been scared to death!!